Windshield Replacement Cost

Repair Windshield Replacement Cost

windshield replacement cost

windshield replacement cost is determined by a number of factors. The cost of repairing a windshield does not depend on a single factors but on:

  • The size of the damage (chirp or crack) on the windshield. Relatively small chirps/ cracks cost less to fix than large ones
  • The quality of the replacement glass used (use of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or non original glass material)- original OEM are more expensive than non- original glass but offer quality while non-original may be okay yet save on costs
  • The labour charges charged by the particular specialist doing your repair
  • Inclusion of windshield moulding kit
  • The make and size of your car

Windshield replacement cost: Insurance coverage

Most automotive insurance providers cover windshield repair just as any other automotive services. However, it is important to consult with one’s insurance provider before embarking on replacement/repair of their windshield. Automotive insurance providers encourage repair (by covering the full cost- without engaging the person to pay their deductibles), but for cases where a replacement is a must, then the insurance provider requires payment of their deductibles.

Factors influencing windshield repair versus windshield replacement cost

Repair windshield replacement cost is usually less than a replacement of the damaged windshield. As such, one should not automatically opt for a repair or replacement, but rather should consult an expert to ascertain the magnitude of the damage and establish which one to settle for. Repair versus replacement of a damaged windshield is determined by:

  • Recommendation by a specialist; depending on the magnitude of the chirp/ crack among other factors
  • Size of the chirp or crack on the windshield.
  • How long the chirp/ crack has been there (it is recommended that one goes for a repair- for reasonable cracks/ chirps- as soon possible, otherwise dirt and other particles might get into the cracks and compromise the effectiveness of the repair.
  • Location of the crack- damages that are the at the end of the windshield may spread fast, and those at the direct line of the drivers’ vision may not be the best for repair as repair may distort glass distorting vision

Where to get your windshield replacement
One can get their Repair Windshield Replacement Cost in any of the following:

Specialist of automotive glass- those who specialize in all kinds of glass services for automotive; including those of the automotive sides and rear side mirrors
Dealers of new cars- in most cases, new car dealers also sell original (and sometimes non-original windshields). One is then required to take their car for repair at the dealers premises (where a full time or contracted worker will fixes their windshield
Windshield repair facilities- those which only fix repairs and not new installations
Mobile facilities offering replacement/ repair of windshields at any place where a client needs them- at work, home, etc
General glass services- providers of general glass services (including residential and commercial services) may offer windshield replacement/ repairing addition stocking the needed glasses

Your car’s windshield is among the most important parts of your car; as through it you are shielded from harsh weather/ objects as well as guaranteed of visibility as you drive. Whereas you cannot always avoid damage or chirps on your windshield- that could compromise your safety and vision-, minor damages can be corrected through windshield repair, while major damages will need a windshield replacement. Consult and window shop for the best windshield replacement cost in your area.

Windshield Replacement Cost